segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

A Igreja e a culpa, dela e de uma Nação: este o filme AMEN

Dia 9, no auditorio do NEPSA, Campus Natal,  continua o Ciclo de Cinema Social  (mostra de filmes do CCSA/UFRN).
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Apos cada filme, havera um pequeno debate.
O filme desta semana sera':


09/11 – 10:30h às 13:30h

Tema: Cinema e Religião

Durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, um cientista alemão tem a missão de fabricar uma substância tóxica que, segundo ele acredita, será utilizada pelos nazistas para atacar pestes animais. Ao descobrir que seu invento seria utilizado para o Holocausto, Kurt Gerstein, o cientista, arrepende-se e passa a buscar valores religiosos, inclusive informando a Igreja Católica da tragédia que estava sendo cometida todos os dias com os judeus.


Aqui segue um trecho do relatório Kurt Gerstein, que ele escreveu antes de cometer suicídio:
A large loudspeaker gives the further orders: 'Undress completely, also remove artificial limbs, spectacles etc. Handing over valuables at the counter, without receiving a voucher or a receipt. The shoes carefully bound together (because of the Spinnstoffsammlung), because on the almost 25 metre high heap nobody would have been able to find the matching shoes again. Then the women and girls to the barber who, with two, three scissor strokes is cutting off all hair and collecting it in potato sacks. "That is for special purposes in the submarines, for seals or the like!" the SS-Unterscharführer who is on duty there says to me.

Then the procession starts moving. In front a very lovely young girl; so all of them go along the alley, all naked, men, women, children, without artificial limbs. I myself stand together with Hauptmann Wirth on top of the ramp between the gas chambers. Mothers with babies at their breast, they come onward, hesitate, enter the death chambers! At the corner a strong SS man stands who, with a voice like a pastor, says to the poor people: "There is not the least chance that something will happen to you! You must only take a deep breath in the chamber, that widens the lungs; this inhalation is necessary because of the illnesses and epidemics." On the question of what would happen to them he answered: "Yes, of course, the men have to work, building houses and roads but the women don't need to work. Only if they wish they can help in housekeeping or in the kitchen."


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